KIT4-WF4/ID Doorbell ΚΙΤ with 4 buttons + 4 screens WiFi 7″

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Doorbell STEEL4/ID + 4 screens FC47/WF 7-inch.


Doorbell KIT with 4 buttons, 2-wire with card reader. Dimensions: 9,5x18cm.


Color intercom screen 7″, with WiFi and memory, 2-wire.

  • Built-in WiFi functionality
  • Touchscreen display and buttons
  • Next-generation digital menu
  • Digital contrast and brightness adjustment
  • Audio choice between 15 ringtone melodies
  • Intercom communication without additional wires
  • Ability to remotely control the image and transfer calls via an application
  • Memory capacity for up to 180 photos.

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