Fetronic Security Applications

Over the past decade, 2-wire systems have dominated both the Greek and the global markets.

During the 1990s, German companies like GIRA and Siedle introduced 2-wire technology that conveyed information, video, and audio using just two cables.

Black and color screens, as well as door phones, were part of a mixed system. In the 2000s, Italian factories presented their own 2-wire systems, some of which had various issues that they tried to address over time. Some companies managed to resolve these issues, some closed down due to heavy investment in an attempt to keep up with competition, and others were acquired.

In the 2010s, Chinese companies appeared, offering 2-wire systems without polarity. The first Chinese company, which we brought to Greece in 2008.

Ten years later, today we have two cable systems from the company Vtec. Ten golden years for our company since this Chinese manufacturer successfully designed and produced models for most European companies and factories. Two wires without polarity mean convenience for installers and cost savings for customers. The 2-wire technology in video intercom and door phone systems not only fulfills the need for video and audio at the entrance but also offers other features such as photo and video memory, image and audio transmission, and remote door opening through a network. Touchscreens and intercoms cooperate with telephone centers and enable redirection of calls via the phone. The most significant aspect is that door communication is no longer a luxury but an affordable security measure.

Fetronic is evolving and modernizing, maintaining a steady upward trajectory in the field of video intercom systems. It offers 2-wire technology systems, particularly custom-sized door stations tailored to each client’s needs. Here are some of the available 2-wire video intercom models: The INOX 4S ID 2-wire door station is constructed from 2mm thick steel and comes with a standard color camera with a wide-angle lens, and the option to add access control. It features infrared LEDs for night vision, shatterproof protective glass, illuminated buttons with blue LEDs, adjustable camera (up, down, right, left), the option to expand to 4 entrances, and the ability to change the name without opening the door station, whether it’s recessed or wall-mounted. All door stations come with a wide-angle 170° camera for better visibility and automatic or manual zoom. They have a built-in card reader and options for access via a keypad, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. All system events are stored in the cloud. Additionally, new card registration or the deletion of an existing card can be done through the smartphone application. Regarding monitors, the company offers a variety of models. For example, the FC45/NT is a 7″ color video intercom screen that has replaced the FC64. It comes without a handset, has intercom capabilities, allows auto-dialing (for a visual of the entrance and remote door opening without an incoming call), and features hands-free open listening. It’s worth noting that the company has replaced the 4-inch screens with 7-inch screens at the same price! Similar functionalities can be found in the FC45 monitor (7″ color video intercom screen without a handset with built-in memory for up to 160 photos), the FC45/WM (7″ color video intercom screen without memory), and the FC45/Wi-Fi, which includes a touchscreen. The latter has a state-of-the-art digital menu, digital contrast and brightness adjustments, a choice of 15 ringtones, intercom without additional cables, remote image control, and call transfer via a mobile app. It can store up to 800 photos.

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